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The 6th Scent Launched at Fine Fair Reloaded

A return to to normal for Soy Creative means a return to in-person socials where the scent of a new SOY CREATIVE candle reigns. At the 2021 "Fine Fair Reloaded" hosted at the AKDO tile showroom in Chelsea, Soy Creative filled the room with the latest aroma: CLOVE PEAR.

The event featured artisan works from various NYC architects and interior designers. SOY CREATIVE founder and interior design Principal at ARNY Alfonsina Romero was present with the entire SOY CREATIVE collection.

The SOY CREATIVE candle collection by Alfonsina Romero was elegantly displayed at one of Akdo's beautiful stone console tables at their Chelsea showroom.

View of the AKDo showroom at the start of the Fine Fair

Scene from The Fine Fair Reloaded 2021


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