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Over 60 attendees gathered on Thursday July 13th at France & Son in Chelsea to celebrate the launch of Interior Designer Alfonsina Romero’s first scent of her new candle line Soy Creative. With live music, summer drinks and custom chocolates, the red carpet event was the first of many events of the type to celebrate a launch of a new scent.

Soy Creative candles launch twice a year. Creative No.01, the first scent is Chocolate with light notes of raspberry and the second scent (currently under development) will launch late fall 2017. For years, designer and Soy Creative owner Alfonsina Romero envisioned an organic and unique candle concept in which all soy wax scents are inspired by edible ingredients only and launch in a memorable way, creating an experience for the senses. Creative No.01 is a fresh chocolatey scent that doesn’t overwhelm, yet makes a presence while unopened in it's box. “It smells so delicious I want to eat it” is common feedback and a true characteristic of the brand.

France & Son will retail 8oz jars of Creative No.01 in their Chelsea store. Summer is sweet! It's time to anticipate the second scent... It will unveil at the next launch! Keep up with #soycreative

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